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SataGuru Devchandra -" The divine, glorious, absolute is our Abode, We will live in Aksharaateet (beyond imperishable and infinity) , The Self Realisation and Bliss is our cult. This is the reply to all your queries. "

The Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma - The Shri Nijanand Sampraday was established in V.S. 1678 (1621 A.D.), on Bhaadan Vadi Chaturdashi, Sunday, That was the day on which Nijanandacharya Sadguru Shri Devchandraji Maharaj was given Darshan by Parabrahma Paramatma Aksharatit Shri Krishnaji, and was given the Tartam Mantra. That is why this day is celebrated as Day of Origin or Date of Establishment.


"Kya Dekhi Ham Duniya, Jo Inko Na Kare Akhand."

This system of belief has manifested itself for the purpose of making the humans of this world to properly identify their Atmas and Paramatma, and thereby experience Eternal Liberation by releasing themselves from the miserable bondage of the world.

Lord Shri Devchandraji founded this cult and who enlightened us the doors of Abode and we are able to propagate these words.

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